Skyline network is a Registered Partner for Kaspersky Endpoint security, a flagship product of kaspersky that protects your business from all types of Targeted attacks

About Kaspersky

Our mission here at Kaspersky, one of the world’s largest cybersecurity companies, is to protect our customers, their families, their businesses, and their finances. Kaspersky believes that everyone, whether they’re a simple PC user or a large corporation, has the right to expect what matters most to them to be reliably protected.

Kaspersky’s commitment to people has made it a leader in endpoint security. This has always been at the heart of Kaspersky business, and it is what continues to put us ahead of our competitors today. Kaspersky delivers security expertise, developing technologies and solutions to keep you safe from all the cyber threats out there.

About Cybersecurity Industry

With the development of mass technologies, the cyber industry has come to affect all areas of our lives. The Internet of Things has made the Internet accessible by televisions, watches, and other devices. This has led to the emergence of additional risks of losing valuable data, a threat not only to individuals but also to companies.

Cybercriminals are attacking businesses using a combination of malware and social engineering. Employees’ personal devices and partner companies’ accounts regularly serve as ‘gateways’ for penetrating corporate networks.

Cybersecurity problems are now becoming an issue for governments and for critical infrastructure, including power stations, hospitals, and transport systems. When it comes to facilities like these, cybersecurity is a matter of life or death.

Achieving protection for all end devices at a governmental level could soon be one of the principal challenges facing the cybersecurity industry. In order to overcome it, we have to stay one step ahead of the cybercriminals – and we at Kaspersky Endpoint security is ready to protect what matters most.

The Threat Landscape

The majority of current viruses are generated using automated algorithms. The people behind them are cyber criminals and business competitors who want to obtain confidential information and company profits, or sabotage the target company’s operations. Every day, Kaspersky discovers 360,000 new pieces of malware.

Any antivirus software will be able to protect its users from the majority of malware. However, around 10% of threats issue from sophisticated malware, against which only advanced technology can provide protection. These threats are the source of 90% of all damage done to companies.

The most serious threats are targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats (APTs). These are complex cyber weapons created to attack a specific corporation, or even a state. It is the consequences of threats like these that tend to make the news.

With Kaspersky Endpoint security, it is possible to respond rapidly to interference of this kind and detect threats long before they are activated: after all, complex attacks have a life-cycle within the organisation of up to 100–300 days. Since Kaspersky  began operations, it has succeeded in detecting more APTs than any of our competitors.

Major corporations which are leaders in their sector face constant threats. These can begin both externally and within their organisation.